by Pure Disgust

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Out this June on Katorga Works/Quality Control


released April 7, 2015

Art by Mikyla Pieterse
Recorded by Mike Tony and Chet Barcelona
Thanks to Adam/Katorga Works and Ola/Quality Control for putting out the record


all rights reserved



Pure Disgust Washington, D.C., D.C.

September 2, 2017

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Track Name: I.D.O.Y.S.
Dont come for me with that attitude
Ignorant asshole
You're no better than those who believe in that bullshit

I dont owe you shit

You need to listen
when we speak our lives
you must forget what you know
Dont reinforce
that privilege you hold
You know it's keeping you safe

I dont owe you shit
Fuck off

Keep this in mind
I dont owe you fucking shit

I dont owe you shit
Track Name: Guilty
Your life's on the line
You've got no way out
Just another day
Before your life runs out
Trying to survive
You're running out of luck
You're fucked

You're guilty

No way out
Cant prove your innocence
You're guilty
'Cause youre not white
You're guilty
'Cause you're not white

You're guilty
Track Name: Caged Profit
Locked up
For profit
Move the innocent
Make it so they dont exist

Target the minorites
Punish them to no extent
Target the minorities
Take away their right to live

Locked up
For profit
Move the innocent
Make it so they dont exist

full of cages
Feeding on inequalities through punishment

Locked up and for what?
Because we're of color

Finally we've had enough
Enough of the system
Enough of the bullshit
Track Name: Race War
You wanna be like us
But you demonize and objectify
Take what we do
And call it your own

Call us ugly
While you mimmick our choice
Make us change
Then you call it your own

You beat us down
And im sick of it
If you want war
It's yours

It's a race war
Track Name: Sick
Why does it have to be this way
Im tired of fighting the same fight
Day after day
Night after night
I just want to live my life

Im tired of fighting for my rights
Im tired of fighting for my life
I'm sick of the bullshit
I'm sick of the hate
I just just live my life

Track Name: Chained
Chained down by society
Forced to live by their rules
Dont you dare disobey
Dont talk back you're gonna pay

Break the chain

Fighting for your right to live
Let them know that we're still here
Break the chains that hold us back
Make sure you show them no fear

Break the chain

Can't live like this
Wont die like this
Break the chain

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