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Pure Disgust

by Pure Disgust

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It happens day after day after day I'm not sure what more i can say I question why no one chooses to talk about this But I figure it's been embedded into our lives I am no longer safe Normalized death I am no longer safe Normalized death
Pipeline 01:43
School to prison Raised to fail How do you escape The poverty that you're in when nothing can change status? The government doesn't help Look at your surroundings There is no other choice Product of the environment That couldn't care less about you Where does the pipeline end? When does the pipeline end? Rely on 12 In the schools Why are they there? To maintain discipline Rather than the admins Criminalize the children Subject to school based arrests Inadequate resources in public schools Overcrowded classrooms, insufficient funding No child left behind? Just push out the weak Pipeline
You go to school, you get a job But you cant escape the constant paranoia The constant fear of black and brown People want you to be respectable But it's all bullshit, they'll still hate you No matter how much you change yourself You are what they fear No suit. No dress. Will ever change their perception of you So stop trying
Lost Child 01:36
You hate yourself and the skin that you're in You want to fit in with a group of people You can't relate to, only to realize it's impossible Lost Child You turn your back on your own Make fun of your people Only to impress a group of fools Who don't give a shit about you You're a lost child Will you ever learn the error of your ways? Lost Child Regardless of what you do You will always be seen as what you are Lost Child I hope you find your way
Untitled 00:59
Slander Me 01:40
We get killed with our innocence Yet you claim we were no angels Mass hysteria & public outcries What did we do to get treated like this? Slander me Slander me Tell the world you're better than me Slander me Slander me That's the lie you want to believe You gun down police Yet you're gentle You're quiet. You're misguided. Your privilege protects you from the truth Driven by racism Driven by misogyny Victimized from birth Don't look down on me When will brown bodies get the respect we deserve?
Scumbag 01:39
I know you see this unjust You just walk by 'cause it doesn't affect you You don't see color but you would deny the chance to be of color You stay silent because talking about it would be tiresome White silence is compliance White silence is violence You claim you're for equality but only when it affects you I know you don't want to be bothered So quit the fucking act The new racism is the denial of racism


Coming out August 2016


released July 13, 2016

Recorded by Ryan Abbott at Side Two in Boston, MA on April 2, 2016
Cover art by Luiso Ponce


all rights reserved



Pure Disgust Washington, D.C., D.C.

September 2, 2017

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